Publicized goods

A publicized good is any whose ‘public’ character results only from a policy decision to make some (otherwise private) good freely and universally available. This fact poses complications for the PGA, insofar as the set of possible publicized goods is quite extensive indeed.

Concerning publicized goods (or, the promiscuity of the public goods argument)

I thought people had come to the realization that just about every good can be made private in the sense that others may be excluded from its use. So to develop a new term to explain that the good which could be private is now going to be called publicized to indicate it is provided by a government entity seems a bit roundabout.

What about goods provided by NGOs? Or non-profits? Or associations?

It seems more orderly to identify a good’s nature by how it is used. THis of course would need to be accompanied by a descriptor of who in the group has access to it. I think this would enhance analysis as it would start to delineate ingroups and outgroups in the analysis.

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