What money can’t buy

Thanks to the Beatles we all know that money can’t buy you love. Money can motivate a salesperson to sell a few extra units. Money can persuade a road crew to finish a paving project ahead of schedule. Money can motivate a team in getting their product design finished and into production. But for as well as money does at motivating some things, it isn’t great at moving the needle on others.

People aren’t that interested in money when it comes to losing weight. Nor does it turn a drinker into a teetotaler. And I dare say it does not ebb the urge of a bully to be kind.

Somethings people must decide they want for themselves and then take the initiative to set themselves on that course. How the people around them behave, however, has a direct impact on how all this works out. Reminders of tradeoffs, actions to eliminate possibilities, and support when on the right course may all factor into how the company one keeps makes life a little easier.

Oddly, even though money is ill-suited as an motivator, the final outcome of success aided by community support does generate increased financial well-being. When people around you work at helping you be your best, the benefits realized can be financial. Better health through weight reduction translates into less time off work. Killing an addiction eliminates the bill to buy product.

The flow can be from cash to capital or capital to cash.

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