Inside Man- Movie Review

How can you go wrong with a movie starring Denzel and Jodie? You won’t with their performances in this bank heist thriller. You see much more of Denzel- and man, he is great, so talented. Jodie’s role is shorter but key to the story and she plays it well. There are many more interesting characters throughout the film and at the end the credits roll in conjunction with a clip- so you can actually place the name with a face.

The plot is good too. It starts a little slow and part of you worries that it is only a slight variation on a bank heist you’ve seen before. But wait. There’s more depth to this story.

Spike Lee directed this 2006 movie. He has a natural way of handling the NY vibe. He slides in some social commentary in a class act sort of way. Not at all it in the hit-you-over-the-top-of-your-head-with-a-beer-bottle way that is done today. I’ll have to revisit some more Spike Lee movies.