Up goes the apple cart

The political hot potato this week involved a county attorney, two teenagers, and the death of Zaria McKeever. Mary Moriarty lived up to her campaign promises and cut a deal with two teenage brothers in their involvement in the murder of a young woman from a northern suburb of Minneapolis. She felt that trying the 15 and 17-year-old as adults would lead to a traumatic prison experience. Instead, they would serve two years.

The family of Zaria felt otherwise. And fortunately has the where-with-all to exert political pressure. After appealing to the attorney general, the Governor stepped in and had the case taken away from Moriarty.

The county attorney has never shied away from her view that criminals are the victims of societal pressures. And that was a popular view a few years back. But now that the victims are in front of her, real, alive and and in no way superior- maybe she’ll see the harm that was done to them.