Plates and patterns

Part of every holiday season is bringing people together for meals. And in honor of traditions of food and drink many will set a beautiful table with dinner plates and salad bowls and serving platters and special salt and pepper shakers.

My maternal grandmother found a certain status in British china. Every self-respecting woman (yes- that type of sexism) must have eight place settings to be ready for life. Every time she gifted me another round of dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer she would count off, “That’s number 5.” She must have been reminding herself of what was left of her obligation to my household wares.

Every place setting was part of the set of china. Each setting had the same number of pieces. But what made them a set was the pattern, Evesham Gold by Royal Worchester. If you have a set of things that each have similar components, then what makes them interesting is their pattern.