Hit and Run- Series Review

I can recommend this Netflix series to those who enjoy the action-adventure, spy thriller type of film. There are a whole host of bad guys and chases, good guys and fistfights, the ‘I’m not so sure if you are good or bad guys and break out of the handcuff moves. Fortunately, the cast is excellent in both the male and female categories. The actors make the series.

Lior Raz is great as the romantic tough guy who is betrayed by a beautiful CIA operative played by Kaelen Ohm. To make up for the cheating wife, there are two other excellent female roles. Sanaa Lathan plays a NY journalist who is vested in getting the real story out to the public. She skillfully juggles her doubting husband with her professional obligations. Moran Rosenblatt pulls off a credible performance (if sometimes a little amusing) of a very pregnant Israeli policewoman.

The plot suffers a little in parts. Although, I’m not sure I’m a very good judge of espionage realism, as I have no first-hand experience. The intrigue is spooled out slowly and there are plenty of surprises. There’s also plenty of hand-to-hand combat by both genders. Perhaps a little too much death and destruction- but it goes with the genre.

The episodes are usually about 50 minutes in length which matches up nicely with the time I want to devote to a little TV downtime. The setting jumps from Israel to New York so I get my cross-cultural fix. The nine episodes are showing on Netflix.