Back to School

Kids go back to school tomorrow after a two-week holiday break. There’s been little chatter in our area about school closures due to the new virus making the rounds. The kids do wear masks while in school and are asked to stay home if they are feeling ill. But there have been no further formal responses to the pandemic.

School performance and school boundaries are a significant consideration to families looking for a home. People can be open to several districts or specifically interested in one particular school. But the list is in place, and it delineates the possible selection of homes. Or at least this is true for those attending public schools, which runs about 88% of the student population in Minnesota

This number is reflective of the number of kids who attend private schools nationwide. One standout statistic is the range of spending per pupil. Vermont had the highest per student spending at $23,205, whereas Utah had the lowest at $8,352. Their graduation rates were different as well. Vermont pulls in a rate of 89.1 whereas Utah only has 86 percent at their lower rate of spending.

In Minnesota we’re right in the average at $13,456/pupil.